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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various friction materials

Mengzhou Qunli Brake Material Co., LTD  Time:2022-07-12 browse:

Friction materials are widely used in all kinds of transportation vehicles (such as cars, trains, planes, ships, etc.) and all kinds of machinery and equipment brake, clutch and friction transmission load of brake materials. In the brake load, the friction performance of friction materials is used to transform the kinetic energy of rotation into heat energy and other forms of energy, so as to make the transmission load brake.
Modern automobile friction material is a kind of friction as the main function, both. Structural performance requirements of composite materials. It is mainly subjected to the mechanical stress field and thermal stress field which change repeatedly while working, and the source of force and heat is the frictional interface which forms a new working surface indefinitely.
The friction materials used in automobile are brake friction plate and clutch plate. Friction material is not only security parts, but also vulnerable parts.
Traditional wet friction materials are made by mixing the ingredients of paper paddle friction materials. This kind of paper-based friction materials made by traditional technology shows some obvious shortcomings under high load environment:
(1) Compared with copper-based friction materials, paper-based materials have better friction coefficient and poor temperature resistance;
(2) Paper based materials have better oil compatibility than copper based materials. However, this compatibility is still insufficient in practical use;
(3) Paper-based materials have poor thermal conductivity and are prone to produce local hot spots on the surface under large loads.
To solve these problems, the solution is to use carbon fiber as friction material. But in fact, carbon fiber is not widely used as a friction material, mainly because of the high cost of friction materials after using carbon fiber.

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