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Specific analysis for the maintenance of brake pads

Mengzhou Qunli Brake Material Co., LTD  Time:2022-07-12 browse:

Brake shoes, commonly known as brake pads, belong to consumables in use will gradually wear, when wear to the limit position, must be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the effect of braking, or even cause safety accidents. Brake shoes are life-threatening and must be treated with caution.
How to maintain brake pads, there are mainly the following six points:
First, under normal driving conditions, check the brake shoe every 5000 km, not only check the remaining thickness, but also check the shoe wear state, whether the degree of wear on both sides is the same, whether the return position is free, and so on. If abnormal conditions are found, they must be dealt with immediately.
Two, brake shoe is generally composed of iron lining plate and friction material two parts, must not wait for friction material parts are worn out before replacing shoes. For example, jetta's front brake shoe, the thickness of the new film is 14 mm, while the limit thickness of the replacement is 7 mm, including more than 3 mm of iron lining plate thickness and nearly 4 mm of friction material thickness. Some vehicles have a brake shoe alarm feature that will alert you to replace the shoe once the wear limit is reached. The shoe that has reached the limit of use must be replaced, even if it can still be used for a period of time, it will reduce the effect of braking and affect the safety of driving.
Three, replacement to replace the brake pads provided by the original spare parts, only in this way, to make the brake effect between the brake pad and the brake disc is the best, the least wear.
Four, when replacing shoes, special tools must be used to push back the brake pump. Do not use other crowbars to hard press back, this will easily lead to brake caliper guide screw bending, brake pad jammed.
Five, after replacement, be sure to step on several brakes to eliminate the gap between shoes and brake disc, resulting in the first foot no brakes, prone to accidents.
Six, brake shoe replacement, need to run in 200 kilometers to achieve the best braking effect, just replaced shoes must be careful driving.
The above six points are summarized for the maintenance of brake pads, and I hope to help you.

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