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How to use to make brake pads longer

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In real life when you drive to prepare for a long journey, do you care about the thickness of brake pads? On weekdays, we drive on the road, and some people may say, "Usually, I just drive to work, the distance is not too far, the road condition is also very good, there are no major problems to see." But did you know that every time you drive through a speed bump in an underground garage, every time you flick the brakes and move along with traffic, you're taking a toll on your car? It's just that the wear and tear is hidden in a corner, and you don't feel it as easily.
Many people want to know how long it is better to replace brake pads. It's actually a difficult question to answer. Running long distances is usually the best way to reduce brake pad wear, but the most important thing is whether you're driving correctly or properly. For example, if you have a good command of the amount of brake advance in driving, you will find that most of the time you do not need to brake at all. Under normal circumstances, brake pads with 80,000 kilometers is basically no problem.
Of course, if you want to prolong the life of brake pads, it is recommended not to slam on the brakes often. Most of the time, when we encounter some problems in the process of driving, we will slam on the brakes. Generally, novices with poor driving skills often appear this situation, which is actually a hidden danger of traffic accidents. We usually have such experience: the car in front of the normal speed driving, the road ahead is no problem. But a sudden brake can catch the driver off guard, which could lead to an accident. In addition, many people only put their feet in two places when driving: the gas pedal and the brake. The frequency of applying the brakes is very high. Such a person is naturally 20-30 thousand kilometers, you have to change a brake pad.
The right way to drive is to stay focused, keep your eyes open and stay calm, slow down in advance when you encounter a problem, and then decide whether or not to brake according to the seriousness of the situation. This saves gasoline and prolongs the life of brake pads. The most important is to ensure emergency braking caused by traffic accidents.

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